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Collection: Hair Growth | Scalp Care | Hair Restoration

Beautiful hair comes from a happy healthy scalp. Our Scalp Care and Hair Growth products help to renew and rejuvenate troubled scalp with oils, balms, clays and sprays.

Deep Cleansing Scalp & Hair Shampoo - this all natural shampoo is made with deep cleansing shampoo is surfactant free, sulfate free and paraben free.  Rich lather breaks ups sebum product buildup pollution sweat to leave scalp tingly fresh and hair squeaky clean.  Contains Essential Oils that disinfect hair and scalp to fight bacteria fungus and microbes; Vitamins Nutrients Oils and Butters to draw moisture deep into hair shaft and protect from dryness.  Restores hair and scalp to a "re-newed" state for a more effective environment for hair and scalp treatments and serums. . 

Scalp Treatment Spray - Use to eliminate scalp itch soreness, cools scalp and stops inflammation and discomfort caused by wigs weaves braids and extensions. Effectively disinfects and treats scalp problems of bacterial and fungal infections that cause odor, dandruff,  eczema and psoriasis. Made with natural ingredients of Aloe Vera, Glycerin and and a healing Essential Peppermint Oil Blend. Comes in a liquid, use as a spray (sprayer not included).

Hair Growth Scalp Balm - Deliver a protective layer of scalp and hair loving vitamins nutrients butters and oils directly to scalp.  This amazing nourishing balm promotes fast hair growth and is made with shea, coconut, lanolin, vitamins, nutrients, natural and essential oil blends that help lubricate and protect the scalp, stimulates hair follicles, strengthens fragile and new growth hair.  Protects scalp from infection and prevents hair fall.  Use during styling to ease scalp tightness from braids weaves and extensions.  Provide a protective barrier before chemical services.  Use on hairline to prevent breakage and receding hair line and hair bumps.  Use to nourish hair to grow to longer lengths.  Comes in a solid balm.

Hair Growth Oil - Made with penetrating oil blend of sunflower, grapeseed and natural oils to improve hair elasticity, moisture retention and deep shine.  Rids scalp dryness and hair dullness. Applied to scalp and massage in for a luxurious treatment of vitamins and essential oils mixed with the healing property of shea butter.  If you notice oil is a little cloudy that's the shea butter...just give it a little shake to remix. Sell as a treatment oil or hair growth oil. Comes in a liquid.

Detox Scalp with Kaolin and Bentonite Clay - to remove impurities from scalp and hair caused by pollution, hair product buildup, medical treatments and conditions.  Use to unblock hair follicles, exfoliate scalp and hair to give it new life.  Dry product sold by volume not weight contents may settle during shipping..  Can be mixed with oils, teas, and vinegar to obtain desired results. 

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