Christmas In July (August - October)

Minding Our Business - Christmas In July  (and August).

Summer is the time of year that we begin preparing for Christmas. You may want to do the same too! Here's some tips to help you get ready for the holiday season!

Beauty Product Christmas Planning Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies

Order early to make sure you have everything for the rest of the year by early October.  Remember:  There are always regular weather related delays around the country and everyone will be ordering more online than ever before due to COVID!! 

  • Try adding festive ribbons and boxes for holiday gift giving.
  • Start the holiday season early with your customers by talking up Thanksgiving and Christmas, showcase new products and upcoming sales.
  • Make your lists and check them twice! Clean up your email lists. Send texts. Don't over do it though with salesy stuff.  Give your customers what they want and take into account some of these tips to help your items fly off the shelf!

Christmas In July Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies

Product Description

  • Have you fully explained the benefits of your products?
  • Have you explained how to use your products?
  • Are you sharing the features of your natural safe sulfate free, etc. product??

Your description should identify the user, how to use it and when to use it. Be sure to include what makes your brand special and why it's worth buying at the price you've set!  This is your In your listing, make sure you communicate what makes your product unique, especially if your pricing is higher than the market average. Convince the customer to buy your product instead of another by making its value clear.  Ask us about designing your brochures at TexasWNBS@gmail.com !


  • Is it competitive for your customer?
  • Are you offering the right size for your customer
  • Do you know what your profit margin is? 

This are a few important things you should be looking at when determining your pricing.  I've learned a long time ago that you never EVER want to be the lowest person on the market or the one always having a sale - even though these are appropriate at the right time.  Give your customers what they want -- a good product and stellar service and more of yourself and they will buy the entire experience!


  • Do your customers want sets?
  • Do they prefer larger or smaller sizes in some products?
  • How will a change in packaging effect your operations and revenue?
- - - - - - - -

SURVEY - If there's enough interest - and availability - we are looking into offering larger size bottles and jars (still amber for right now).  Are you interested in pricing for 12 oz bottles and 8 oz jar?  Send me an email at TexasWNBS@gmail.com  - be sure to include your brand and the specific items you are interested in up-sizing!

- - - - - - - -

These are all things to consider when deciding on what type and size packaging  you want to offer your customer.  Right now with the global shortage there may be fewer choices in bottling; however, it is a good idea to routinely ask your customers what they like about your packaging and listen (even to critiques).  It shows you care!

You'll begin to see an increase in sales when these pieces begin to fall into place -- when begin to get repeat customers and referrals,  you'll know you've got it just right!   

Thanks for your time!  Rhonda