About Us

All The Right Ingredients For A Natural Beauty Company

When Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies (TXWNBS) was established It was not just the beginning of a new company, but a culmination of many years of product development, wholesale and business retail experience in the beauty industry.  We've combined over a decade of experience with all the right ingredients for success for our family of customers.

Ingredient One:  History and Credibility

"TXWNBS was born out of a need for small indie beauty business owners to provide safe branded retail products that they could use in their place of business and proudly offer to their clients for at home care," says Rhonda DeYampert, the company's founder.  "Most of our customers were (and still are) natural hair stylists, including barbers, braiders, locticians and extension specialists."

Our purpose has been to support small independent beauty businesses with safe premium products handmade products at competitive prices.

The company partners with brick and mortar businesses as well as online ecommerce stores, pop-up shops and those weekend warriors on display at special events and farmers markets. 

"When the pandemic occurred we were put in the right position for a time just as this to help those small business pivot when their doors closed."

Ingredient Two: Social Responsibility & Integrity

Texas WNBS is a 100% wholly owned African American female company. We provide opportunities to serve our community through mentoring, charitable giving and providing a flexible, enjoyable workplace for all.  It's no wonder that the culture at TXWNBS is closely aligned to their customer base.  

The importance of minority and black owned beauty businesses cannot be understated.  They are a vital part of the the communities they serve.  They provide an outlet for expression and are an economic powerhouse.  Texas Wholesale is an inclusive company that works to reach out to and connect with  these businesses in their startup phase, nurturing and guiding them to success so they can serve their local communities and culture. 

"Our goal is to continue to keep thriving as we support all business owners with premium products and services including custom formulation, digital and website designs, private label, consultations and more. "

"We are in a caring business.  Whether it's hair and scalp care or people care.  We are the ones that sincerely care about the products we make and the business owners that are more like family."

Ingredient Three: The Golden Rule

"Do Good And Good Will Follow"

That's the simple truth and the motto that operates in our day to day activities.  We're a small company that takes pride in our standard of excellence. If we do not meet those standards, we take action to make it right.  

We are grateful for all who are a part of this business especially our employees, our suppliers and our customers. We thankful to have this opportunity to do good!