Private Label Wholesale Personal Care Products Manufacturer & Formulator


Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies is an independent manufacturer of high quality personal care products that are made with safe ingredients including vegan and organic that are available at discount wholesale pricing.

With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry and experienced formulators, we use our own sucessful salon and spa quality formulas to bring a variety of trending personal care products at wholesale prices to help you start or grow your private label beauty business. 

Choose from a variety of products to put your label on including hair, scalp, body, skin and facial, children and beard care in varying sizes and quantity requirements for your brick and motar or online store.  Enjoy volume discounts by purchasing ready to label minimum quantities that range from 100 (for larger sizes) to 500 (for smaller sizes).

**Need a custom formula? Need a formula dupe? Visit our formulation page HERE **

Our upscale products are 100% original made by hand with high quality ingredients.  Items are carefully shipped within 7 to 10 days via UPS and FedX to be delivered in perfect condition.  We also work with freight forwarders for international orders.

**International orders for products have country specific standards and regulations.  As our superior products are made with the safest ingredients it is the buyers responsibility to to ensure that any products purchased meet those standards for importing and use in that country** .

Online access is given to our products after submitting the following information in the proper format, after we have verified and approved the following information:

  • Company name and address?
  • Your name and contact information (include address if different, phone number and email address)?
  • Business owner name and contact information (if same as above write "same")?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you a brick and mortar or online business (shopify, amazon, ebay, social media)?
  • What is your business address?
  • What is your website address?
  • Are you currently selling any personal care products (if so, please list them)?
  • What products are you interested in (please list: hair care, scalp care, body care, etc.)?
  • What kind of volume do you expect to purchase in a year (units / dollars)?
  • What is your DUNS?

Please submit all the above information to along with:

1) Your Business Incorporation Papers

2) Your EIN Certificate

3) A completed and signed W9 with your information

4) A completed and signed Reseller Tax Certificate for your state

5) Your marketing plan

Send all information in legibile format to

You will be contacted within a week of submitting if your account is approved.  At that time you will receive our catalog, along with more information and may order or request samples.  Product samples are available at a minimal cost + shipping for approved accounts only.  Mininmum order quantities and selling price apply.  Any submissions without the requested information will not be reviewed.