Natural Is As Natural Does: Tips On How To Work With Your Natural Products

This year we have seen much growth in startup natural beauty businesses.  The clarion call we made over five years ago about the importance of owning a private label line of products resonated with many beauty professionals and beyond as word got to others who wanted to start a profitable  at home business with their own product line of natural black hair products.  I mean really, who doesn’t like-use beauty products? 

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With that said, I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips and information to help your understanding of our processes over here at Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies  to help you to avoid common pitfalls and clear up misconceptions working with your natural products.  Read on!

From Our Door To Yours! – Shipping is an important journey for your natural products.  We take great care of making sure the containers we use will safely transport your products and pack each item accordingly for the journey whether they arrive via USPS, FedX or UPS.  As always, be sure to track your package so that someone is ready to receive it.  Once your products arrive (and before receive it), you should immediately inspect your package to make sure there is no obvious damage to the box --if so – refuse the package (take pics if you can) and request the carrier to return to sender! Mostly, you’ll be able to accept your package with items intact. Just be sure to immediately inspect the contents for any damages and email us at TexasWNBS@gmail.com to inform us (and be sure to include pictures).

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Planning For Success!– Making your natural products takes a lot of planning.  When you place your order, we put it on our production schedule (Thursday afternoon cutoff for weekend production).  Our production time is Friday through Monday which includes prepping, formulating, creating, settling, testing..).  This is all before items are filled labeled and shipped!  Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis and priority is given to larger orders.  So you see, depending on when you order,  it can take up to 10 business days for you to actually finish your order (and that does not include shipping)!  

TIP When ordering, make sure you order enough for at least six weeks at a minimum and plan on adding 20% more of what you need to order.

Know your numbers! It may seem that what I’m about to say is contradictory to what I just said; however, it applies to those who tend to order more products than what they need or can handle – or find themselves  running out of inventory.  I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding your business cycles – sometimes sales are up, sometimes sales are slow, sometimes your sales will be on fire!   Every business has these natural cycles.  For the most part, they are predictable when you look at your numbers.  Analytics can help you to understanding your customers and their buying habits. 

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If you’re not comfortable with numbers – well get comfortable and sit yourself down to understand them -- or find someone that can help you understand and plan.  We’re always available for consultations to help you work through your numbers so you’re not caught short or spending too much money which can cause cash flows.   We want you to be successful, so setup an appointment by emailing us at TexasWNBS@gmail.com.  Knowing your numbers is vital to your success and helps control the stress level of unexpected shortages or stockpiles.  This leads me to the next item on our list of working with natural products...

Your Storeroom!  Do you have one? Is it clean and organized? Is it temperature controlled?  Are you using safe handling practices?  Whether you are using closet space inside your home, space in a workshop, or warehouse space you need to make sure that you treat your natural products with care.  Always store your products at the ideal temperature of 65°-70°F degrees.  In cold winter climates, freezing is an issue and can cause ice crystals and separation. Just bring products indoors and allow it to un-thaw and acclimate over a couple of days.  Give your products a stir to remix.  Summer can cause oils to separate and even liquefy–in this case allow remix them and allow them to cool.  When ordering in bulk always give contents a stir to remix before pouring.

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How To Handle Bulk Products! – Rephrased as a question, the answer would be AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.  First, make sure your jars and bottles are washed and sterilized then your are ready to  immediately fill all your containers.  Use all the the product at once to prevent contamination and consistency issues from over-exposure and you will find this is a more efficient method.  Before you start working on filling, gather everything you need.  Sanitize your jars, bottles and closures and your work area.  Make sure your tools are in proper working condition, wear protective covering and have clean-up supplies handy.  Your work area should be clean, temperature controlled and free from outside elements.  If you are using a shared space (ie, your kitchen or rental space) make sure that you have allocated enough space for filling and can use the space without interruption. 

Please Do not double-dip into your products!  This is the number one cause of contamination and introduces microbes into your bulk products.  When you and your family are using your brand of products make sure it’s from a filled retail size container and not directly from your bulk product – I know, it’s sounds like common sense, but I mention it here because it happens, especially to newbies.  Just remember, “handle as little as possible”.  Once you open, remix, be ready to pour off your products right away.  Now, we can scent for you or you can scent yourself at 1% fragrance oil without worry.  Our bulk products will only allow 1%!  Anything more or any other additives will destroy the integrity of the product.  If you need to store your bulk products, keep them airtight in a cool clean environment, out of direct light and away from moisture.

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 TIP:  When working with solids like our scalp balm which has shea butter, it is important to melt over low heat (water bath preferably), transfer to containers and rapidly cool them to prevent cornmeal texture.

Natural Is Natural! – Working with natural products includes accepting the variances found in nature.  Think about when you are in the produce section of your local grocery store looking for apples.  You will probably find a variety of apples like red delicious, honey crisp, green and jonathan to name a few.  Even when you choose a kind of apple, you will still go through and pick one apple that is slightly different in color or texture than the others.  Now, when you bite into that apple it still is just as delicious as the others and just as satisfying to consume.  Well yaw that’s kinda what happens here at Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies when we are formulating your products. 

Sometimes a batch may have a slightly different color than the last, or the or the oil may be a little cloudy at the top, or the shampoo is not as thick as an over-the-counter (OTC) brand and depending on the product you may see small seed flecks (like in a delicious nutritious smoothie!).

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This is normal for freshly made natural products and it is a difference that we embrace. Nature is not perfectly identical.  Natural is a natural does – it allows for variances for a fuller expression of beauty.  You will find that natural may not be perfectly identical, it is a better solution to your customer’s issues than store bought brands.  Most store shelf items contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients that allow it to maintain uniformity while being stored for longer periods of time; handled by many people; and is able to go through the rigors of long and multiple forms of transporting and warehousing.  These OTC brands do little for correcting or treating the consumers issues and they do a great job of creating an illusion of effectiveness (strong scents, uniform color, thick foamy bubbles, silicons and other synthetic additives).  They’re designed to “keep the consumer searching for a solution” in hopes that they keep coming back.  It’s a focus on short term results which creates product junkies and unsatisfied customers.

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Here, at Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supply, we provide high quality, freshly made, healthy natural products that are effective and made just for your customers particular skin hair and scalp issues.  Your customers will know the difference that your brand brings them – namely, immediate relief and long term results through faster growth healing, renewal and revitalization of their skin, scalp and hair.  Our focus is on helping you build your brand with top-notch natural products which brings a loyal following. 

Thank you for taking the time to read these important tips -- education is key to your success and sharing your knowledge adds value to your brand.  Make sharing information with your customers a part of your business.  One way to do this is through inserts and brochures.  Ask us about design amazing product brochures and inserts for your brand…an educated consumer is a happy (and loyal) consumer.  In closing, remember to follow the tips above and you will find (or already know) that your decision to use Texas WNBS premium products will bring you pride of your offering and the joy of repeat business!