The Skin That Men Are In

Men's grooming products are on the rise for a very good reason.  No longer are they sneaking around using whatever the woman of the house is buying the are looking for products that can address their grooming needs as well as skin care needs.

Our premium freshly made grooming products are the answer to their needs and an opportunity for you to expand your line with effective high quality products.  Here's some facts about men's skin that we took into consideration when formulating our New Men's Beard Moustache Grooming care products:

The Skin That Men Are In

Is Thicker and Oiler Skin (than women) - Men skin is approximately 20% thicker than women's.  Men's skin also secrets more sebum, an oily substance that is found on that scalp and face and more collagen which is their secret weapon to anti-aging.  Sebum is an oily wax so it needs to be removed to prevent buildup on skin and clogged pores and acne.  Our Deep Cleansing Wash and Beard Wash and the Beard Wash for Sensitive Skin gets the deep down into the beard and to the skin to without stripping the beard or the skin leaving both soft refreshed supple and with a more even and vibrant skin tone.  Contains Highly Functional Ingredients Like Hemp Seed Oil, Calendula Oil, and Essentials oil that are vitamin rich keeps skin calm and supple while effectively cleaning removing product buildup and disinfecting. 

Has Larger Pores - As men age their pore size gets bigger.  With all the extra oils produced by the skin, combined with larger pores, premium ingredients that work not only for the beard but for the skin and are non-comedogenic (won't block pores), help nourish the skin for (high in lineolic acids), with high anti-oxidant essential oils (acne fighting) that heal and disinfect and aid in beard growth is a must!  The Beard & Moustache Premium Oil is light and contains these ingredients and is the answer to great skin, less breakouts and suppleness.  

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For the well groomed beard our Beard Balm is on point. The smooth pasty consistency is for those special occasions to give the right finishing touch to tame the wiriest beards!  Made with Raw Shea Butter, Bees Wax and Black Castor Seed Oil to help train and hold style. 

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