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BADE KRUSH (pronounced "body crush") is our NEW Collection of luxury Body Products designed to give customers the performance they expect from leading brands.  These products are kind to the body because they are made with naturaland organics ingredients without harmful parabens and phtalates. 

Our Body Hair and Fragrance Collection is vegan blend of organic alcohol, water and long lasting paraben phtalate free fragrances.  We've taken some of our best selling scents and put them in a bottle to safely enjoy on pulse points and to refresh hair. As with all our products, safe, paraben free, phtalate free, and never tested on fur babies. 

Available in four fantastic ready to label spray misters in ready to label 4  oz ($6 each), ready to label 8 oz  (12 each at $11/bottle).  Choose your bottle color=clear, amber, pink, green in the notes section during checkout.  Default color is clear.  Available for private label orders.

Sweet Pistachio is a best seller for sure!  This yummy delicious blend of pistachio almond and vanilla scent evokes warm sultry days.

Peace of Mind is scented with our Purity fragrance to elevate the senses while brining balance and stability with classical scent of Orange, Eucalyptus, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang.

Honey Jasmine is a favorite unisex fragrance blend that is a sublte, sweet long lasting experience of warm honey, carmel and jasmine. 

Innocent  this soft powdery scented fragrance is a blend of soft grapefruit  with hints of bergamot and warm rose. 

Bade Shimmer Lotion - Light (crystal)  Medium (copper) Dark (onxy)

DTox Deodorant 

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