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Collection: Hair Styling

Take the challenge out of styling natural curly hair with the right products:

Cream Curl Definer  - medium weight cream provides long lasting moisture for dry hair. Enhances curl patterns for type 3 to type 4 coarse textured hair.  Medium hold. Works in jars or pumps.

Hair Gel - a clear lightweight gel sets curls with medium-firm hold is perfect for fine hair to coarse hair types 3 to 4. that don't need alot of moisture or oil. Gives maximum definition and works perfectly with hair oil. Works best in jars or pump,

Leave In Moisturizer  Conditioner- use to detangle and style hair as a "liquid" in loc-lco natural hair care styling.  Adds moisture and conditions hair with the buildup of a heavier hair lotion. Best in pumps.

Creamy Flaxseed Hair Gel - This real flax seed hair gel is gives medium-firm hold and incredibly soft touchable natural curls.  Made fresh with real flaxseed gel and hair conditioners. to delivers nutrients right to the hair giving it flexibility and deep shine and long lasting curls that don't flake and without crunch. Put in jar or pump.

Amazing Silky Straight Hair Lotion - use this thermal styling lotion to protect delicate curly hair for a straighter and long lasting silk press that is frizz free, humidity resistant. Use on freshly washed and conditioned damp hair.  Requires less heat and tension to get hair straight which means less breakage and heat damage. Works in pour caps.

Super Silky Straight Hair Cream - this thermal protection  styling cream is perfect for hair that is coarser, kinkier, resistant to straightening and requires more taming.  Adds much needed moisture and control to dryer hair types.  Controls frizz and washes out easily. Use on clean freshly washed and conditioned slightly damp hair before blow drying and straightening or curling with irons.  Can also be used as a cream for LOC-LCO routine. Works best in jars.

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