Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies Policies & Procedures


Our Normal Business Hours of Operation are Tuesday through Thursday, 10AM – 3PM Central Time. 

This means that this is the time we are “in office” to answer emails, process orders, taking care of paperwork etc.  The rest of the days we're making products, formulating, testing, filling and shipping orders. The best way to reach us is via email.  You can send us messages, ask questions, and request quotes, schedule phone consultations, etc. via email.  We will be sure to answer within 24 hours during our Normal Business Hours of Operations.   Feel free to reach out to us anytime at TexasWNBS@gmail.com.

Our Weekend Production Hours of Operation are Friday through Monday.

This means that during these days, we are making your products, testing your products and preparing them for shipping the following week.  All orders received by close of business hours, each Thursday at 3 pm Central Time are put on the production schedule for the weekend.

As always, all orders are processed in the order in which they are received with priority given to:

  • Fast Track Private Label& Drop Ship Orders;
  • Large Pre-packed Ready To Label Orders;
  • Large Bulk Orders, followed by Small Bulk Orders and Samples.


As much as we enjoy speaking with and getting to know our Texas WNBS family of customers, we are unable to take phone calls.  All communication is to be done via email to TexasWNBS@gmail.com.  You can normally expect a reply to any email within 24 Business Hours.  Please note our hours of operations above.

If you are an existing customer and absolutely must have a phone call, you can email us and we will schedule a call for you.  Please note requesting a call back may take longer (than a direct email) as your call will be scheduled along other calls including consultations which are conducted only on Tuesday and Thursdays as time allows.


Protecting the privacy and health of our Texas WNBS family of customer and staff is important to you and to us.  This is especially necessary as we make sure to keep our environment controlled secured and of the highest standard of sanitation.  Without exception, we do not allow drop offs, pickup or site visits.  If you need to send us containers or returns, please ship with tracking information to us via email to:

Texas WNBS

752 N. Main Street #1876,  Mansfield Texas 76063

If you are in the DFW Metroplex and would like fast affordable delivery service, please send an email for more information to TexasWNBS@gmail.com


During certain times of the year, we regularly go through Closures where you should expect that processing times will be extended.  Please plan your orders accordingly and take into consideration the following:  Some days we will be

Partially Closed which means we will work half days to take orders, run production as scheduled, answer emails, and of course get out shipments out the door. You should expect that processing times will be extended by the number of days during this period.

On Closed dates we will be closed. This means that we will still take orders, but your emails will be answered in two to three days and no shipments will go out on this day.

Holiday Rush Shipping Season starts in October – please place your orders early!  This is when we can encounter serious Weather Delays and any Carrier Delays getting ingredients in to make your products as well as getting them shipped out the door to you.  **REMEMBER** Historically, Carrier Shipping prices always increase in October!!**

Each quarter we conduct our Housekeeping Audits as a time where we take time to get reorganized, clear out the old and make room for the new!  (Note:  Be sure to check for new items during this time too).  While we are not closed during this time, we are still very busy and you will want to plan your orders accordingly at the end of March, June, September and December.  


Space here at Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies is at a premium. We need all available space for working, properly storing ingredients and finished products in a temperature controlled, sanitary and safe environment.  

Any product orders that have been paid for but are on hold for shipping payment is subject to a $25/month Storage Fee if shipping is not paid for within 72 hours (3 days) regardless of day of week, holiday etc. The Storage Fee will automatically be attached to the shipping invoice after the third day.  Until all invoices are paid in full, there will be no further shipping of products or delivery of other services.


As you are aware as supply chains are stretched around the world including the supply of packaging (bottles, jars and closures) can lead to shortages.  This means that you may receive bulk products in different containers than what you may be used to for instance -- instead of a one gallon size you may receive your product in two half gallon sizes. 

As for Fast Track Private Label™ (FTPL™) customers and Ready To Label (RTL) Pre Filled/Pre Packaged orders, we are proud to say that during this pandemic and through the global shortages, we have not had to make any changes to containers.  However, if forces out of our control prevail and we are unable to send matching colors and sizes of your choice in each order, we will notify you asap.


FTPL Orders  -

Minimum Order Quantity  = 1 Case (12 each) of any product

Minimum Annual Ordering = $1000/year

Account Setup Fee = $50 (one time fee)

Annual Order Processing Fee = $75 (due yearly)

Formulating Orders –

Formulation Fee is $900/product. This covers the cost of formulating and testing and shipping and documentation.  With the fee you are entitled to three (3) trials to get your formula to your satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied after the 3rd trial, we will refund 15 % of your fee ($135/product) - OR restart the process.

Drop Shipping Orders –

Low Minimum Quantities = 100/product

Account Set Up Fees = $625.  This fee includes a $125 one-time Start Up Fee for us to connect to your online store' and a $500 Annual YTD Processing Fee regardless of how many orders we process for you (this equates to $1.71/day for processing any amount of orders).


Currently, we do offer a Flexible Payment Plan Program for Fast Track Private Label™ Customers. This is a very popular convenient and affordable way for indie brand owners to finance their start up a new biz from scratch and bundle in formulating, design, websites, and other services, etc.

We are now offering financial payment plans for Ready To Label Pre-Packaged items as well.  Minimum order quantity of 7 gallons of single product apply, with credit card approval on file.


In order to fulfill the needs of all FTPL and Ready To Label Customers, we are requiring that all accounts that are on a Texas WNBS  (FTPL or RTL) Payment Plan Program be up to date.  Currently a Three (3) Day Grace Period applies (Central Standard Time, including weekends, holidays etc.) and may be revoked if overly used or abused.


In order to keep this Grace Period in place we will automatically assess a $50 REINSTATEMENT fee for accounts on the 4th day Central Standard Time the account is past due.  The $50 Reinstatement Fee must be paid immediately to continue to be in good standing in the FTPL program and must be paid before placing any future orders or having any current orders shipped. 


Good business practices include keeping up with your orders which most can be found online if you placed your order directly on the website.   While some orders are special and require billing and invoicing, we ask that you please be sure to keep track of your invoices and statements as we continue to work on making this information available to you when you visit our site online or sent to you via Email.

If, however, you do require a copy of an invoice or order, please email us at TexasWNBS@gmail.com and note in the subject line “ORDER COPY REQUEST” along with as much information from the order or invoice including (exact) invoice amount, date, and items you are looking for on the statement.   

Please note that pulling this information is time consuming --an Administrative Fee of $5/order -invoice statement will apply and invoiced to you before any copies are issued.  Please allow us one week to send us a copy of your order or invoice from which you paid for items in question.  Again, this document is for one order in which you paid for items at a specific time period and typically does not cover multiple order.  If you require copies of multiple orders, please advise this in your email and we will handle accordingly.

PLACING ORDERS – As always orders are not considered placed until payment is made.  Please refer to our Hours of Operation and Production schedule.

SHIPPING & HANDLING FEES - When Shipping and Handling is not included (or estimated) you should expect to receive a separate invoice for shipping and handling when your order is ready to ship. 

ADDING FRAGRANCE & OTHER INGREDIENTS – We strongly recommend that you allow us to add fragrances and any other additives to your product.  Please refer to our website page HERE on how to pick the right amount of fragrance for your product, additives etc.  For most products like creams and lotions and some sprays, you can safely add cosmetic grade high quality scents at 1%.    Please note when adding any other ingredients, improper storage and handling, changing temperatures, etc. will change the quality, efficacy and integrity of the product and you do so at your own risk.

RETURNS & EXCHANGES & REFUNDS – Due to our high sanitary standards, no returns or exchange of product items are allowed, and all items are purchased as is.  You can cancel your order anytime in writing (email) within 3 business days of payment.  A store credit may be given in lieu of refund. Services ordered are non-refundable after 3 business days.

DAMAGED ITEMS - Please inspect your shipment upon arrival and report any discrepancies within 24 hour and include pictures.  Do not accept damaged packages and items from delivery driver -- by accepting them we do not accept any claims for any damages to contents of package caused by the carrier.

INDEMINIFICATION - As the seller and manufacturer of beauty products and services (Products and/or Services) you as the Buyer agree and understand that when placing any order of goods and/or services from Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies through our online store, email, Fast Track Private Label, Ready To Label Pre Pack, Formulating, Bulk Wholesale or Drop shipping program, we (the Seller and Manufacturer) shall have no liability to indemnify you or your customer (the Buyer) for any special, incidental or consequential hurt, harm, danger, damages or loss of limb or life that the Buyer shall claim that have been caused by the Products or Service and/or the use of the Products or Service, either to the Buyer nor to any third party.  We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any use or misuse of any of our products and services.

TAXES, DUTIES, INSURANCE, REGULATORY COMPLIANCE - All taxes duties fees regulatory compliance, labeling requirements, UPCs, import and export fees, insurance etc. are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

SHIPPING & TIMELINE - Most online orders will be shipped out according to our production schedule.  Special (FTPL, RTL) Orders will be shipped within 4-6 week period (depending on the size and type of order) via the most economical method. Please check your email for tracking number and shipping progress so that you are available to safely receive your shipment.

SHIPMENT DELIVERY - If a package is returned to Texas WNBS due to an incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by a customer, or if the customer was not home for delivery the customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost as well as the redelivery cost.  TXWNBS is not responsible for packages delivered incorrectly or lost due to incorrect or incomplete shipping information provided by a customer, no refunds will be provided if any parts of the address are incorrect.

LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES - TXWNBS  is not responsible for lost or stolen packages that have a confirmed delivery to the address entered for an order. Upon inquiry, TXWNBS will confirm delivery to the provided address, date of delivery, tracking information and shipping carrier information for the customer to investigate / file police report.


QUOTES –Creating quotes take time and resources.  They are a guide to help you determine if one fulfillment program is better suited for your company needs.  Therefore, we will only provide one quote per customer which will allow you understanding how best to structure your buying decision. Please take time to carefully consider what you need and what you can realistically afford before asking for a quote.  Once a quote is provided it is up to you to determine what products and services you would like to have.  Request for multiple quotes will not be given.  

UNPAID INVOICES – Special orders (FTPL & RTL) orders sometimes require us to send out invoices. In this case, invoices are due on the date issued.  Please note that creating invoices is a time consuming activity at the request of the (you) the customer.  Any invoices that are unpaid after the 3 Grace Period are flagged in our system on the 4th day, may be cancelled, and the customer will be charged a $15 Administrative Fee for the (unpaid) invoice which will be applied to subsequent orders.  Any unpaid invoices may jeopardize in the customer ability to place future orders.