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Cosmetic Formulation | Semi and Custom Formulating

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Need help formulating a new product for your natural hair skin or scalp care line?

Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supply is here to help!  We'll create a formula unique for your beauty brand for an affordable flat fee!  Included in your fee is - 

A Complimentary Consultation - in the form of a Questionnaire regarding the products you want created. The formulation will be based on the information you give us.

Generous  Sized Samples - for you to try out the newest addition to your product line.

2 Complimentary Reformulations- while our formulas are right on the mark, until you get your samples you really don't know that you need a "little more or this" or  "a little less of that", right?!  We will gladly reformulation you products for you twice during the creation process.

Money Back Guarantee - If we still haven't got it right, we will give your 15% of your money back!   

Affordable Pricing - most basic hair skin and scalp care product formulation is $850 per item.  If you want something created, contact us TexasWNBS@gmail.com for a quote.  We can easily high quality formulate:
Hair Stylers,
Scalp Care 
Hair Growth Restorations
Body Wash

IMPORTANT:  Please note that while we make a custom formulation unique to you and your customers, the formulas along with any propriety ingredients blends and are the sole property of Texas Wholesale Natural Beauty Supplies.
If you're looking for semi-custom formulas along with help starting up your beauty business and require products and services including semi-custom formulations, bottling, graphic design, labeling etc.,... visit our Fast Track Private Label™️ page HERE.   If you're on a tight budget and want to sample some of our basic products visit our Bulk Wholesale page HERE.  Questions?  Drop us an email at TexasWNBS@gmail.com and we will be sure to get back to you within 24-48 hours!